12 Week CUSTOM Training & Nutritional Program

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By combining both a structured Nutritional Plan & Training Plan you can maximise your potential at reaching your goals faster and maintaining your physique for life! I always like to say
“Nobody can out train a bad diet”.

That's why you will have my full support throughout the next 12 weeks. Weekly analysis and adjustment will be vital to your success. We will analyze your program and plan each week to make sure you are going in the right direction.

*Check the description of the product for more information!


By combining both a structured Nutritional Plan & Training Plan you can maximise your potential at reaching your goals faster and maintaining your physique for life! My goal is to teach you how to do well both in the kitchen and in the gym! This way you will have all the tools you need to succeed.. the only thing missing is your commitment!

How can I be sure that this plan is really “custom”?

Nothing is more frustrating than paying for a meal plan from a “guru” and receiving a bland, copy-and-paste job that doesn’t take into account foods you like, dislike, your schedule, training times, and lifestyle. Not only do I build each and every one from scratch, I can work with any and all budgetary and dietary needs as well: vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, food availabilities, sensitivities, and allergies, and any other food preferences or restrictions.



With this plan you will build LEAN MUSCLE MASS while shredding down fat*.

Many people take “bulking” as an excuse to eat whatever they see. This is one of the biggest mistakes!

I believe only in lean, clean gains.

  • This is a highly calculated & structured Macro Target Based plan.
  • Week to Week changes alongside easy to follow.
  • Extensive Detail & Breakdown.
  • I use your answers from the questionnaire to create your custom nutritional plan. In this questionnaire you will answer questions like what are your goals, meal type, how often can you train an many more.
  • Can be run for 20+ Weeks.



The Training Program is designed to:

  • Improve Training Ability & Master the Techniques and Essential movements required to develop a well rounded and balanced physique.
  • Concentration on muscle development through control & consistency.
  • Generate Muscle MassTone and Density as well as Improved Strength.
  • All exercises are fully explained with DETAILED VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS.
  • Complete technique break down and specific body posture detailing to ensure you NEVER do a bad rep!

*assuming your training is correct and details are accurate.

So, by purchasing this plan you will receive:

  • A detailed questionnaire on your goals, schedule, eating preferences, and more.
  • I use your answers to create your meal & training plan and send it to your e-mail within 5 to 7 business days of receiving your completed questionnaire.
  • You will have my full support throughout these 12 weeks.
  • If, at any time along the way, you run into any issues, I’m always available via email to answer any questions you might have and ensure everything goes smoothly for you.



3 reviews for 12 Week CUSTOM Training & Nutritional Program

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mike Johnson

    The best thing that Dimitar has provided me in his program is an entire transformation of my mind and attitude. Before using Dimitar’s program I thought of fitness and the eating that goes with it as a strict and restricted practice, but Dimitar has shown me how to be real about it and as a result I can live, balance and enjoy my life whilst achieving my gym and body goals. And most importantly, I can eat all my favourite things. In addition, the workouts are so much fun and rewarding, he is prompt and thorough at responding to emails and he is great at addressing my individual needs, ie. reverse dieting. Dimitar certainly knows what he is doing and is fantastic at it.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Dimitar has been phenomenal so far. I came to him on a sub 2000 calorie diet which I’d been on for just over 6 months. Yes I’d gone from 80kg to 73kg but I didn’t enjoy training and I was weak.

    After 3 months together, He’s boosted my calories to 2600, reduced my training schedule to 5 hours a week & i’m now leaner/stronger than ever. Combine this with the fact I’m current moving countries with work, I have goodbye/leaving do’s etc – Dimitar understands that his clients have lives & he guides you through (and that doesn’t mean telling you take tupperware to these things).

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Big thank you to Dimitar and his determination. You can make the difference when you see someone passionate about his job, and he is that type of person. Expect support and guidance throughout the whole time.

    It was so beneficial to follow his 12 week program, just then I’d realized what mistakes I was doing in the gym. You will find that needed balance in the program where you can enjoy your favourite meals as well as keeping great shape. When I’ve started the program my personal weight was 69kg at the end I was weighting 74kg and significantly improved my results in the gym.

    If you decide to thrust him with your transformation, you will definitely not regret it, that will be a life change of your lifestyle and mindset. Strongly recommended! Than you again, Dimitar!

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