Is Your Ab Workout Making You Fat?


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Dimitar Hristov, Fitness Trainer

28th of February 2017

Losing abdominal fat isn’t as difficult as it’s often perceived to be. Unfortunately, I see people exercise extra hard for “six-pack” abs, not realizing they make really simple workout mistakes.

First of all, you have to ask yourself “ Is your ab workout making you look fat?”. You may not be aware, but there is a way that you should be breathing when you are doing your ab training. This will help you achieve your goal in the first place which is to flatten your BELLY!

Actually, if you are breathing improperly you are going to be doing the exact opposite. You will be working more towards a relaxed belly and you will get a “weightlifter gut”. In fact, you will be looking fatter, even if you have abs. 

So, today I wanna teach you how to do that properly but more importantly get you out of that mindset of thinking that your ab workout can do anything to combat the fact if you are already fat.

body fat percentage calculator example men

Body Fat Percentage Example.

Knowing your body fat percentage can help you determine if your weight loss goals are realistic.

People have this idea that a magic ab workout can shrink their belly. But the harsh truth is that an ab workout alone, even if you are consistent with it, will never be enough. This is why in my 12 Week Plan, I don’t just give you the actual Ab workout but I give you a custom Meal Plan as well, to help you start getting rid of that overlying fat.

There are a couple of things you can do if you want to have a thicker looking waist.


You probably have heard before people talking about how you should avoid oblique training because it will thicken your waist and probably make you look bloated.

Well, that’s the worst piece of an advice, especially as you conquer your meal plan and start shredding some of that fat. This way your obliques are going to allow you to have that more tapered look. You never want to avoid oblique training if you are trying to get more tapered looking waist. Instead, you want to make sure you are pairing it with your Nutrition Plan, which will allow you to show your obliques. Otherwise, it might look a little blocky but it’s not justifying enough the reason for you to skip doing oblique exercises.

oblique muscles

Training obliques will not widen your waist.

Don’t be a victim of myths, hype and other nonsense.


This is a very common mistake and to be honest I used to do it as well. Make sure you are not breathing out doing any of your ab exercises. It’s a skill that you might have to acquire but that’s okay. Take a little bit of time and master this technique right. You wanna make sure you are not blowing out as you are perform the movement.

So for example, if you are doing a crunch, you are probably crunching up and breathing out at the same time, not controlling your belly. However, most people also make the mistake of relaxing their abs when they breathe out at the peak portion of a crunch instead of keeping the abs “cinched” (contracted) as much as possible.

Why is this important? Because when you breathe out your diaphragm shrinks, making your waist/belly smaller, giving the illusion that you are crunching even further or finishing your crunch without using much energy.

You wanna make sure you are doing it on every single exercise and you are not holding your breath. You still have to breathe, talk and do everything normally. Just make sure you don’t feel like any part of the crunch let’s your abs rest, especially at the peak when most people breathe out, before laying back down again. If you do that you will have a much flatter appearing belly.

ab workout mistakes while doing crunches

The take home point:

1.Continue to do your ab training as much as possible. I recommend 2-4 times a week. Keep the volume intense, but short.

2.Make sure you are following a proper nutrition plan. (You will get all those things in my 12 Week Plan with a custom Nutrition Plan)

3.Most of all, it’s quality rather than quantity that matters. Ten reps with strict form are always going to be better than 20 poor repetitions.



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