Fat Burning Workout Routine

When it comes to fat burning and losing weight, we often think of those tiring cardio workouts. They usually consist of 1 hour walk on treadmill, thinking that this is the most effective way to shed the last layer of belly fat. The harsh truth is that we’re all going to have better results by simply changing LIIS – Low Intensity Steady State Cardio with 20-25 minutes of HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training.


As a person, who goes to the gym pretty much every single day,

I always make sure to take full advantage from the last sunny and relatively warm days during autumn, by doing several bodyweight exercises outside.

I love this routine because you don’t need any fancy equipment and you can literally do it everywhere. My all time favourite place is definitely going to be in the park, but if you don’t have the opportunity to go outside, feel free to workout at home!

If you are tired to train in the gym, looking for variety or just want to try something new, this workout is definitely for you!.

fat burning workout routine at home

Jump Rope - 3 minutes (Warm-Up)

Jumping Rope involves all leg muscle groups, and also most muscles of the arms and torso. This exercise improves explosive strength, coordination, agility and burns more calories per minute. That’s why I decided to start this workout with rope jumping, but I will use it only to warm for the real workout. The fat burning show is about to get started!

How to do burpee - exercise tutorial for fat loss

Burpees - 30 seconds, max repetitions

Burpee is one of the most challenging exercises because it’s a full-body movement. It requires a squat, a jump, a push-up, another jump, a squat, and yet another explosive jump. I usually manage to get anywhere between 15 to 20 reps in 30 seconds and trust me the last few reps are brutal!

How to do mountain climbers - exercise tutorial for fat loss

Mountain Climbers - 30 seconds, max repetitions

Mountain Climber is one of my favourite bodyweight exercise because it requires you to engage your upper arms muscles, as well as your core and your legs. It is perfect for fat burning and shaping the abdominal muscles. If you have never tried it, make sure to watch the video so you can do it with a proper technique.

running with high knees - exercise tutorial

High Knees- 30 seconds, to failure

Believe it or not, this simple exercise will take all your breath out. The technique is pretty much the same like usual running. The only difference is that here you have to aim to push your knees as high as possible to your chest. The speed of the exercise also plays an important role, so I want you to give everything you’ve got! This will make you burn fat like crazy.

how to reverse lunge exercise tutorial legs workout

Reverse Lunge - 30 seconds, max repetitions

Lunges mainly involve glutes, quadriceps and adductors. It’s vital to keep a good balance while performing this exercise. At this point of the workout doing lunges in reverse will be so much more difficult because your butt will be on fire..

jump jack workout routine for fat loss advanced tutorial exercise

Jumping Jacks - 30 seconds, to failure

As a fifth and final exercise we will do some jumping jacks. I know you will be totally exhausted after all these movements but you have to show real determination and aim to finish this workout at top speed. Give me those last few reps.

With these 5 simple

but effective exercises we end our fat loss workout routine! For maximum effort and weight loss, I’d recommend doing all the exercises consequently with a break of 2-3 minutes between the rounds. The series of work is repeated 5 times for 20-25minutes.Now it’s your turn! Seize your sneakers and replace the gym with this fun outdoor routine.



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